Bronze Plaques in Essex County, NJ & Newark

With over 80+ years of excellence to stand by, Haren Monument Co can create a bronze plaque in Essex County or Newark, NJ that will completely honor your loved one’s lifetime. Our bronze plaques are reasonably priced, completely custom built with an obsessive attention to detail.

In comparison to regular monuments, a bronze plaque will help create a sense of everlasting remembrance and love for the person in which it was created for. Our staff will be proud to explain all the different symbolism we can incorporate into its design or recommend a specific size to accommodate your needs.

Our bronze plaques are vastly superior to the competition because you’re dealing with a local company that does not source materials from outside of America. Haren Monument Co does all the design and building completely “in-house”. This way we can pass our cost-savings down to you and offer a product with a far higher level of quality.

Customizable by Unique Sizes, Colors & Shapes

Although bronze plaques don’t have the same flexibility in material (hence “bronze” plaque) that monuments may have, there are still customizations we can provide you with to provide the very best in unique remembrance for your loved one. In regards to size, since we source and build locally, this means we can produce your bronze plaque in practically any size you’d wish. In terms of the border or edges, we have a big catalog of designs for you to choose from. There are subtle design elements such as floral patterns and shapes that can completely enhance and differentiate your plaque from others. We can also add materials such as granite, marble or other stones to the border of your plaque to give it a more luxurious appearance. Whatever your desire is, we’ll try to make it a reality for you.

How Can My Plaque Be Positioned?

group of bronze plaquesYour Bronze plaque can either be used as foot-stones or headstones to the actual grave marker. We can offer complete flexibility in terms of how you’d like the plaque placed. These include:

  • Ledge Markers
  • Flush Markers
  • Bevel markers
  • Slant Markers
  • Upright Markers

Bronze Plaque Refinishing & Restoration Services in Essex County, NJ

After decades or years and years of exposure to the elements (rain, snow, ice), your bronze plaque may become “weathered”. You can either leave it that way which is completely fine or have our specialists refinish it to look as though it were brand new. We take advantage of the strength of our industrial sand-blasting equipment to make way for a brand-new background color in addition to the clear coat.

The Benefits of Restoring An Old Bronze Plaque

We always tend to recommend that you bring it to us or another local specialist as opposed to cleaning it yourself for a variety of reasons. The most important of which is that; due to the age of the plaque, you could possibly end up breaking it and our refinishing solutions are only around 25% of what you might pay for a completely new plaque. Therefore, we try to make things as hassle-free and practical as possible for all of our customers in the Essex County, New Jersey area.

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