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mausoleum in essex county njWhether deciding arrangements for a loved one who has passed or planning your own final arrangements to save your family some trouble in the future, you have several options to choose from. One of the more interesting options to consider is the mausoleum. Even in Essex County, NJ, people often do not consider this possibility. Whether because it does not occur to them or because people think that a mausoleum is only for wealthy or important people, it is important for Newark residents to know that this is a viable option for everybody. If you have questions, you can certainly contact a mausoleum dealer, but check out the following information first.

What is a Mausoleum?

In the simplest terms, a mausoleum is a building in which human remains can be interred above ground. It may have space for only one person or several. Through out history, the mausoleum has been used to inter the remains of culturally significant figures such as rulers and very wealthy people. The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier at Arlington National Cemetery might be considered a mausoleum.

A mausoleum can be a private structure such as the kind made for a single person or for a family. A cemetery may also keep a large mausoleum where anyone can purchase a vault. Mausoleum design can admit many possibilities depending on what is needed by the client.

History of the Mausoleum

The word “mausoleum” was derived from the name Mausolus, the person for whom the very first mausoleum was built. Located in what is present day Bodrum, Turkey, and considered one of the “Seven Wonders of the Ancient World,” the original mausoleum was built to house the remains of this ancient Persian satrap. At over 1500 years old, the Mausoleum at Halicarnassus is one of the most well known structures of the ancient world. Commissioned by his grieving widow, Artemisia, it is no wonder that rulers the world over have adopted the mausoleum.

Why Have a Mausoleum?

People choose mausoleums over traditional in-ground burial for many reasons. A mausoleum may house the remains of several family members at a time. It can also be seen as a grand memorial option that makes a statement about the person’s status or accomplishment during his or her lifetime. A mausoleum is a clean and dry place where people can stop. There are also people who are uncomfortable with the thought of in-ground burial. There is no wrong reason to choose a mausoleum.

How Does a Mausoleum Compare in Price?

All things considered, a mausoleum can be comparable in price to an in-ground burial. If you choose a spot in a communal mausoleum, then you do not have to pay for a head stone or some of the other expenses associated with in-ground burial. This could be a very economical choice.

On the other hand, if you choose to build a private mausoleum, you will have to pay for enough burial plots to accommodate the size of your structure. You will also have to have a foundation built. The structure itself can be costly as they are built to last.

Types of Mausoleums in Essex County, NJ

There are many types of mausoleum design to choose from. Some are larger structures with many interment spaces or crypts in an indoor space, such as a cemetery might own and manage. Some are larger structures where there are many crypts but they are all located outdoors. There are also private mausoleums such as those purchased from a mausoleum dealer for a person or family. If you plan on being cremated, you can have your remains placed in a columbarium, which is basically a mausoleum specifically designed for cremains.

Besides considering the type of mausoleum, there are also the types of crypt in a mausoleum to consider.

  • The single crypt, which holds a single casket, is the most popular type.
  • A side-by-side crypt, as the name suggests, has two people lying side by side. This is a good choice for married couples who want to be buried together. Each may have his own marker or may share a marker.
  • Companion or end-to-end crypts share a single space and thus a single marker.
  • Westminster or family crypts can house as many people as you like and can share one large marker or may have several smaller markers.
  • Working With a Mausoleum Builder

If you decide on a private mausoleum, a mausoleum dealer can help you choose a mausoleum builder. They will work with you to determine a budget and even a design to accommodate your preferences and needs. A good dealer will also help you determine a time line. Because it takes three to four months for a mausoleum to be built, it is probably something you will want built before it is needed.

Newark residents looking for interment options in Essex County, NJ will likely be pleasantly surprised to find that mausoleums are a viable option in their area. They can be an easy and economical choice. Best of all, when you make your decisions ahead of time you can spare your family additional grief. Contact us today to discuss your options.

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