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Locally Operated

These day, you rarely get the opportunity to get exactly what you want. Online shopping has all but damaged the customer & business relationship. However we’re here to remedy that. We locally serve Essex County, Newark and are a local New Jersey based business. That means you can walk right into our showroom and we can get a picture perfect idea of exactly what you’re looking to create. 

Our Specialties

We offer a wide selection of unique products and services. Why is our selection so large? Because we work with our customers to customize their products to fit their needs. Everyone has a different message they’d like added to serve as a form of remembrance. Whatever it may be, we can accommodate you.

  • Custom Monuments
  • Civic Memorials
  • Granite Headstones
  • Bronze Plaques
  • Monument Lettering & Etching
  • Headstone & Memorial Refinishing Services
  • Mausoleum Design & Build Solutions

Quality Monuments

As a local Essex County, NJ business, we’re able to use far higher-quality products than those you would receive off of the internet. You know what they say, “you get what you pay for”. Those monuments which you might find at extremely low prices online are found that way because they are of very, very poor quality. What’s the sense in purchasing something to remember your loved one by and having it fall apart a few months later? We fabricate and customize stone right here in New Jersey.

Looking for Exquisite Yet Affordable Custom Monuments in Essex County or Newark, NJ?

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With over 80+ years of experience you can always count on Haren Monument Co to deliver exactly what you had hoped the end-product would be. We put a tremendous amount of time and attention to detail for every custom stone order we receive to give you the absolute most personalized experience possible.

Monuments Dealer in Essex County, NJ & Newark

Haren Monument Co offers elegant and well-crafted monuments to help the world remember loved ones. It often brings great comfort to friends and family members to visit a tangible reminder of a lifetime. As a monument dealer, we appreciate the importance of supplying high quality, tasteful products. When customers select monuments from us, they gain the assurance we offer only the finest merchandise available for this purpose.

Our Customers

double stone monument essex county njHaren Monument Co serves customers throughout Newark and Essex County, NJ. Many people choose to select their own monument during pre-planning mortuary services. However, we also frequently receive orders from survivors seeking to honor a departed loved one.

Whether you choose your own monument, or you’ve undertaken this task on behalf of someone else, we want to assist you. We strive to provide outstanding and sensitive customer service. Our company endeavors to honor the wishes of every customer. We serve people of every faith, creed, background, and belief system.

Many Available Types of Monuments

We offer an impressive selection of excellent monument styles. Our firm customizes every product to convey accurate individual information. The broad selection we carry assists our customers. Just consider some of the most popular monuments we offer:

  • Flat Headstones;
  • Single Monuments;
  • Double Monuments;
  • Slant Style Monuments;
  • Crosses and Stars of David;
  • Bench Style Monuments;
  • Angel Shaped Monuments;
  • Bronze Plaques.

We recommend customers spend some time perusing our website to appreciate the variety and diversity of the available selections. If you’d like a customized monument style, please let us know. If possible, we’ll endeavor to accommodate your request.

Honoring a Lifetime

The monument you select may stand as an enduring tribute to a unique and special lifetime. Customers choose monuments for a variety of reasons. The fine products we supply may simply mark a grave tastefully, or they may help grieving people remember a deceased loved one over the course of decades.

Many Available Types of Monuments

Flat Headstones

Today, many cemeteries specify the use of flat headstones. We furnish an excellent selection of these items.

Single Monuments

A single monument may mark or memorialize an individual grave. This popular choice may offer a powerful reminder of a cherished loved one.

Double Monuments

Today, many couples request double monuments for side-by-side graves. This type of monument may help widows or widowers provide a joint monument for themselves and a spouse.

Slant Style Monuments

We carry a wide variety of innovative selections for your consideration.


Many Christians prefer a monument shaped in the form of a cross. This traditional monument appeals to both Catholics and Protestants. We also offer monuments in other shapes adorned with crosses.

Stars of David

Jewish customers sometimes prefer a monument shaped in the form of a six-pointed star to reflect their faith. We also offer monuments in other shapes adorned with this important religious symbol.

Bench Style Monuments

Customers may select a bench style monument to place beside a grave. (We recommend checking with the cemetery in advance of making this selection, since some facilities do not permit this option without advance approvals.)

Angel Shaped Monuments

A monument shaped in the form of an angel today has become a popular selection. This choice frequently commemorates a young person’s life.

Bronze Plaques in Essex County & Newark, NJ

This type of simple monument may mark a grave site, or list the names of deceased family members on a memorial wall or in a burial crypt. We offer high quality, beautiful bronze plaques for your consideration.

An Important Decision

We respect our customers monument selections. Our company serves people in Newark, NJ and across Essex County by supplying high quality monuments, plagues, and headstones. These well-manufactured items should offer years of utility and value.

As a monument dealer, we strongly recommend that anyone engaging in funeral pre-planning check in advance with their preferred cemetery before deciding upon a specific monument. Some cemeteries have developed guidelines for permitted monument styles and dimensions, while other cemeteries offer greater latitude in monument selection. By confirming in advance that your cemetery welcomes a specific monument, headstone, or grave marker, you’ll enjoy a better opportunity to select the best possible product to meet these requirements.

Further Information

If you have any questions, or require personal assistance in making a monument selection, please feel free to contact us. We’ll endeavor to help you! Today customers enjoy many options for customizing memorials of their loved ones.

Types of Monuments & Monument Services We Specialize In

These days, the internet has made our job much easier. You can go online and visit plenty of sites which claim to be local and aren’t. They don’t custom craft/build their monuments either. They’ll send the specs you give them online to a factory in china and have the monument shipped.

Regrettably for the poor soul that purchased that monument, they’ll find out in due time that it may not have been the best idea. Monuments purchased online that claim to be wildly inexpensive are priced that way for a reason. They lack quality, good design aesthetics and the care you would receive from a local Essex County, NJ based storefront.

We take a lot of pride in what we do because each day we get to meet brand new people, look them in their eye and help them determine how best to remember a loved one’s life in a large piece of stone. Our materials are hand-crafted in house and we put an enormous attention to detail into building them for all of our customers. In the list below, you’ll find a small fraction of the customizations we can make at the base level just for you.

Types of Monuments We Specialize in Creating

  • Single Stone Monuments
  • Double Stone Monuments
  • Flat Stone Monuments
  • Family Stone Monuments
  • Monolith Family Stones
  • Bench Style
  • Slant Style
  • Flat Style
  • Obelisk Style
  • Angel Shaped

Now if those were all of the shapes and various sizes we offer, you might be asking yourself…well what about colors, textures, etching or materials? You’ll be happy to know that we carry an incredibly wide array of unique materials and our staff are trained to provide the most dignified hand etching of letters and designs possible. We’ll aid you in making sure that your loved one is never, ever forgotten.

  • Select Grey
  • Medium Grey
  • Light Grey
  • Vega Blue
  • Tropical Green
  • Strawberry Red
  • Royal Mahogany
  • Multi-Color Red
  • Pastel Pink
  • Paradiso
  • Mauve
  • Rose
  • Black
  • Dakota
  • Mist
  • Impala
  • Evergreen
  • Crimson
  • Charcoal
  • Blue Pearl
  • Black Galaxy
  • White
  • Bahama Blue
  • And much, much more…

Detailed Etchings & Custom Shapes

You’ll be more than happy to know that we can go the extra mile by adding additional layers of customization to your monument;. Our staff specialize in creating detailed etchings for things such as portraits or scenes that may have represented your loved one’s life.

Through the use of our modern machinery, we’re able to cut our stones into whichever shape you may love or be comfortable with. Providing stone cutting solutions opens up a Pandora’s box of new possibilities for design and flexibility.

Exquisite - Affordable Monuments, Memorials, Plaques, or Headstones in Essex County & Northern, New Jersey